50% Of Pubs in the UK Don’t Comply With Fire Safety Regulations

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Fire Risk AssessmentA shocking large number of pubs in the United Kingdom has found to be severely lacking when it comes to fire safety.

New research has shown that only about 52% of the more than 8000 pubs in the nation were compliant after being tested by fire and rescue authorities.

Many of the premises tested for fire safety all through the UK are lacking when it comes to fire risk assessment or emergency routes and exits.

In the United Kingdom, complying to fire safety standards is a requirement that ultimately defines how many people a premise can accommodate.

The director of Middlesborough fire protection and member of the National Fire Risk Assessor Council, Harry Wilmot, is urging pubs to update their fire safety. In a public statement he said that inadequate or even entirely absent risk assessments are the most common reason for non-compliance. Bar and club owners in the UK could increase their customer numbers if they update their fire assessments.

He underlined that proper fire risk assessment is not only a legal requirement in the United Kingdom but can have a positive effect on how a business operates.

For further reading on fire safety, fire alarms in Exeter can be a helpful source of information.


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Health Benefits of Magnetic Bracelets And Power Bands

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magnet-therapyMore and more people today are getting wary of mainstream science and medicine.

Quite often, side effects and other problems come with conventional drugs and medical therapies.

People today want to be healthy without chemical drugs and it’s good to see that alternative medicine enjoys more popularity today than ever.

Aside from the more common fields in alternative medicine that can range from homeopathy to acupuncture on acupressure, one promising way tor remedy and prevent illnesses is magnetic therapy.

Magnetic therapy is based on the theory how magnetic fields can have a positive and healing effect on our bodies. There have been studies conducted in the past that show evidence that magnetic jewellery does in fact have a measurable relieving effect on those who are suffering from conditions like arthritis, insomnia or migraines.

The theory goes that the magnetic fields from magnetic bracelets can influence our body’s cells ability to carry oxygen. The result is faster wound healing and less pains.

Similar as with magnetic jewellery, ionic jewellery is said to provide various beneficial effects too. While those bracelets don’t work with magnets, they produce negative ions. Negative ions have shown to lift people’s mood, they can increase energy levels and focus. Since many physical ailments are often closely linked to our mental health, ionic bracelets can therefore also help with physical problems. Think about how a better sleep or being able to relax will normally also have a positive effect on our body!

What I like about those types of jewellery is of course that they can actively help to keep us healthier but then it is equally nice if you’re just looking for some stylish jewellery without having to spend a lot of money. This is also why I like to give such bracelets as gifts for various occasions.

Religion and Education in the United Kingdom

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Increasingly more families in the United Kingdom are realizing that good education is not everything. For children to grow up as responsible adults it needs more than good grades in math, chemistry or foreign languages.

kingshottschool-big-1One aspect where public schools in the UK may often be lacking is the ability to teach children a healthy morale.

Religion is another problem-child of public schooling in the United Kingdom.Those families where their faith plays a major role in their lives will often see that public schools are insufficient to teach the children according to individual beliefs and morale views.

Private schools in the United Kingdom can address those important issues much better than public schools can. In private and independent schools, children can be taught  according to your values without the often negative influences and distractions that exist in public schools.

Not only can children in private schools learn in accordance with your beliefs. They can likewise be taught important values such as tolerance and acceptance in those independent schools which are not tending to a particular faith but instead make it a priority that children of different faiths and social backgrounds can grow up together in the best way possible.

Good grades are not enough if you want your child to grow up mature and responsible. With private schools Hertfordshire you will not only give your children the best education they can get today, you will likewise make sure that many other values that are so important for a child that grows up are not neglected.

At Prep Schools Hertfordshire you can get more information on independent private schools in the United Kingdom


Social Media Intensifies Global Wave Of Religious Persecution

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According to an article at The Telegraph, we today experience an upsurge in religious persecution which threatens to drag humanity “back to the dark ages”.
Social media sites such as Twitter and facebook are to blame for this according to former Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks.

The rabbi said in an emotional address in the House of Lords that we can see attempts to wipe out Christianity in parts of the Middle East along with violence and murder of followers across much of Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. He likened those development to what he calls an “religious equivalent of ethnic cleansing”.

However, not too long ago we also witnessed  mob attacks on Jews in France and other parts of Europe, Islamist violence against other Muslims and the persecution.

The former Rabbi said that for him the fact that people today are still killing and being killed in the name of religion is not only a moral and political scandal but “the desecration of faith itself”.

What do you think? Are social media responsible for more religion intolerance and violence?

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On Shipping Software

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Since I also have a background as an adviser for small businesses, sometimes I get folks asking me about things that may help them start or grow their business.

shipping softwareThe question about what business software to use is actually rather common and I hear it almost every week.

Here I must say that the decision highly depends on the type of business involved.

Let me take the example of Andrew who asked me this question about two weeks ago.

He had just founded an import/export business in Leeds with currently seven employees.

I gave him the usual advice about computers and business software such as MS Office, Quicken and so forth but made it an important point that he definitely should also look into shipping software.

Shipping software is one of those software packages that is industry specific. It means it will have added functionality and options that  benefit particular types of businesses. In this case, software for documenting export information is one important requirement. Without shipping software, the handling and organization of this type of information would be needlessly more difficult and would take up way too much time.

In the shipping business, and here I can take Andrew’s company as an example again, export documentation and the related management is extremely important. Pretty much any shipment will during various stages produce various types of documents, starting with orders, export information, shipping confirmation, customs documents and so forth. All those documents need to be managed effectively.

For a company’s management, the ability to create reports pertaining to a particular shipment is also very important. Shipping software is often the only type of software that can produce those reports in regards to all the stages involved, i.e. ordering, transport, dispatching and so forth.

If you happen to be in this type of business, be it in import or export, operate a warehouse where have to manage stock or similar I can highly recommend that you look into a reliable shipping software. You can start here to learn all about it.

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Should Christians Go Vegetarian?

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For a long time already there is a debate whether Christians have an obligation to go vegetarian. Others say that Christians should at least cut out meat from their diet.

The annual Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics Summer School will talk about this issue this summer where the relationship of Christians with animals will be one major discussion point.

Fact is that most beliefs have some sort of dietary rules and laws. We can even find food rules in the the Old Testament – some Christians are following those even today.

Then again, for most Christians in the United Kingdom, their diet choices are not because of what’s written in The Bible but rather because of health and economic reasons.

Should Christians go vegan? Feel free to comment what you think about this.

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