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Who Are The Singing Waiters?

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singing_waiters_3“Surprise entertainment” is all the hype right now, not only in the United Kingdom but also elsewhere.

Surprise entertainment is basically any type of musical entertainment and performances that come as a surprise, unexpectedly or in unusual locations.

A good example for surprise entertainment would be the classic singing waiters working act, a type of surprise entertainment that is in particular popular for events such as weddings and other family-type celebrations and events.

Then there are those types of surprise entertainment like flash mobs, where a singing or dancing performance may happen in a place like a shopping centre or other public space. Flash mobs are also very popular for wedding proposals.

While there are quite a few surprise entertainment acts in the United Kingdom, not all of them are actually good. This isn’t exactly surprising seeing that there is no official requirements for someone to get into thesurprise entertainment business. Differently spoken, anyone could claim that they are an excellent singer or dancer then charge a premium for their services.

And this is where the Singing Waiters London are different. The Singing Waiters are a popular surprise entertainment acts where every member of the group has professional training. And not only does this experience show when it comes to their quality of their performances, it also means that the Singing Waiters London can perform many more different styles of music including classical music or jazz.

It is a fact that folks are willing to spend a lot of money on special occasions like their weddings or anniversaries, and there’s nothing wrong with that. On the other hand, when you plan any such type of event don’t skimp out on one of the most important things, which is the music. With the Singing Waiters London you will know that you will get the best surprise entertainment Great Britain has to offer today.

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Pilates Essentials on Youtube

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This is a nice 30 minute video especially for those new to Pilates. It explains all the essentials so you can start-out easily. Once you get a taste for Pilates, chances are you will more. Then I highly recommend that you join a good fitness gym because Pilates in a group with like-minded folks can really be a lot of fun! If you happen to live in London, check out Pilates in Hackney, this is my favorite spot for Pilates in East London.

If you know abut other good gyms in London that offer Pilates classes, let us know!

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Cornwall Still the U.K.’s Most Popular Holiday Spot

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For the seventh year in a row, Cornwall is Britain’s number one holiday destination

Cornwall the Best UK Holiday Destination award this past Wednesday at the British travel awards 2015 gala which had been held at London’s Battersea Evolution.

The chief executive of Visit Cornwall, Malcolm Bell graduated the county in an interview to the press: “Well done Cornwall”, he said. “To be named destinations favourite holiday destination for seven years is a truly incredible achievement.”

He added that each every person that involved in tourism in Cornwall should be proud of this award since according to his words it represents strength our product, brand and future and is a powerful message for the world.

However, this is not the only award Cornwall brought home this past week. The county made an impressive triple gold winner by also winning the Best UK Leisure Attraction for the fifth year along with the Best UK Coastal Resort award.
What about this year’s awards ceremony at

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Religion and Education in the United Kingdom

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Increasingly more families in the United Kingdom are realizing that good education is not everything. For children to grow up as responsible adults it needs more than good grades in math, chemistry or foreign languages.

kingshottschool-big-1One aspect where public schools in the UK may often be lacking is the ability to teach children a healthy morale.

Religion is another problem-child of public schooling in the United Kingdom.Those families where their faith plays a major role in their lives will often see that public schools are insufficient to teach the children according to individual beliefs and morale views.

Private schools in the United Kingdom can address those important issues much better than public schools can. In private and independent schools, children can be taught  according to your values without the often negative influences and distractions that exist in public schools.

Not only can children in private schools learn in accordance with your beliefs. They can likewise be taught important values such as tolerance and acceptance in those independent schools which are not tending to a particular faith but instead make it a priority that children of different faiths and social backgrounds can grow up together in the best way possible.

Good grades are not enough if you want your child to grow up mature and responsible. With private schools Hertfordshire you will not only give your children the best education they can get today, you will likewise make sure that many other values that are so important for a child that grows up are not neglected.

At Prep Schools Hertfordshire you can get more information on independent private schools in the United Kingdom


Social Media Intensifies Global Wave Of Religious Persecution

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According to an article at The Telegraph, we today experience an upsurge in religious persecution which threatens to drag humanity “back to the dark ages”.
Social media sites such as Twitter and facebook are to blame for this according to former Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks.

The rabbi said in an emotional address in the House of Lords that we can see attempts to wipe out Christianity in parts of the Middle East along with violence and murder of followers across much of Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. He likened those development to what he calls an “religious equivalent of ethnic cleansing”.

However, not too long ago we also witnessed  mob attacks on Jews in France and other parts of Europe, Islamist violence against other Muslims and the persecution.

The former Rabbi said that for him the fact that people today are still killing and being killed in the name of religion is not only a moral and political scandal but “the desecration of faith itself”.

What do you think? Are social media responsible for more religion intolerance and violence?

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